Climate Activism and Our Energy Future


By Brad Rouse
Blue Water


Blue Water

Climate Warrior describes the personal journey of a businessman-turned-climate activist who clearly saw the need for a wholesale energy and economic transformation to save us from climate catastrophe. The book focuses both on policies and activism from a unique perspective. I recommend it highly for lay-readers and experts alike, both due to its engaging prose and the important information contained within."

Dr. Mark Z. Jacobson, Director of the Atmosphere/Energy Program at Stanford University, co-Founder of the “Solutions Project” and author of 100% Clean Renewable Energy and Storage for Everything

“I’ve seen Brad Rouse in action — he’s the real deal. And his book tells his story in vivid details, weaving together climate policy, personal transformation, and why Bruce Springsteen matters to the big energy transition.”

Andrew P. Jones, co-founder and co-director of Climate Interactive, and MIT Research Affiliate


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Brad’s activism began forming at a young age while reading visionary science fiction like Asimov’s The Foundation Trilogy and grew while learning the principles of economics at Yale. His religious background and the music of Bruce Springsteen were also very formative in his passion for the environment. Following a pivotal moment at the age of 60, he fully 

dove into the world of climate activism, selling his business and retiring early to do everything from crawling under mobile homes to lobbying Congress.

Brad also holds an MBA from UNC-Chapel Hill. He worked for 21 years developing energy-future planning systems for utility companies, helping pioneer the field of Integrated Resource Planning.


Climate Warrior

Climate Activism and Our Energy Future

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