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my favorite sign 2014 climate march.JPG

My favorite sign from the 2014 Climate March

Climate Activists

I have met many climate warriors, and I, myself, am a climate warrior. Climate change will be tamed by the will of the people and an army of climate warriors. 

Yulia doing her magic 2017.JPG

Yulia working on a house with Energy Savers Network in 2017.

17b Alice and Susan Presson working on first ESN interior storm window.JPG
3 The author at the computer at Woodberry Forest, 1970.jpg

Alice and Susan Presson working on the first ESN interior storm window

Brad Rouse, the author, at a computer at Woodberry Forest School in 1970.

Climate Heroes
CRP Pictur March 2019 atlanta 2.jpeg

Cli·mate He·ro

/ˈklīmit/ /ˈhirō/


plural noun: climate heroes

​1. individuals around the world who fight tirelessly to mitigate climate change.

2019 Climate Reality Project

mark-z-jacobson-Sustain Europe.jpg
Andrew P. Jones.jpg
Energy Savers crew.JPG
Sarah Ogletree.jpg

Mark Z. Jacobson - Director of the Atmosphere/Energy Program at Stanford University

Andrew P. Jones - co-founder and co-director of Climate Interactive, and MIT Research Affiliate

Me and the Energy Savers Network team

Sarah Ogletree - Director of the Creation Care Alliance of Western North Carolina

ESN was formed by Brad Rouse and Alice Wyndham in 2016. 

At Energy Savers Network, we are on a mission to transform the lives of limited-income families in Western North Carolina by mobilizing volunteers to install energy-efficiency measures in their homes. Through comprehensive energy assessments and weatherization assistance, including installing interior storm window inserts, insulating water heaters, replacing furnace filters, and switching out energy-consuming light bulbs, our passionate and skilled team of volunteers and staff is helping to lower the energy burden of some of our most vulnerable communities.

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