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Praise for Climate Warrior

Climate Warrior is receiving praise from the climate activism world, political world, commercial world and beyond. Check out the reviews below! If you're interested, considering buying a copy of the book

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Kirkus Reviews - since 1933, New York City

"A memoiristic call to build a new ecological future . . . a clear reflection of Rouse’s own private awakening, which give it a consistently uplifting tone. He effectively stresses that political will is the most necessary element to bring about substantive change, and he straightforwardly urges readers to exercise that will: “Speak the truth with those who can make a difference,” he writes.

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Dr. Mark Z. Jacobson - Director of the Atmosphere/Energy Program at Stanford University

"Climate Warrior describes the personal journey of a businessman-turned-climate activist who clearly saw the need for a wholesale energy and economic transformation to save us from climate catastrophe. The book focuses both on policies and activism from a unique perspective. I recommend it highly for lay-readers and experts alike, both due to its engaging prose and the important information contained within."

Andrew P. Jones.jpg

Andrew P. Jones - Co-founder and Co-director, Climate Interactive and MIT Research Affiliate

“I’ve seen Brad Rouse in action — he’s the real deal. And his book tells his story in vivid details, weaving together climate policy, personal transformation, and why Bruce Springsteen matters to the big energy transition.”

Harriet Shugarman II.jfif

Harriet Shugarman - Award-winning author and Founder & Executive Director of ClimateMama

“Grandchildren - Bruce Springsteen, Energy Transition, Climate Warriors – Grandchildren; are you intrigued? You should be! Author Brad Rouse certainly packs it all in, in his new book, Climate Warrior. Brad ends and begins by stating his love and hope for his children and grandchildren - the perfect bookends. Read this book and be inspired by Brad’s personal journey as a climate warrior and his concrete ideas and replicable examples on what each of us can do to create active climate hope and a more positive future for all our children.”

Major General Rick Devereaux.jfif

Major General Rick Devereaux - USAF (Ret.), former Air Force Director of Operational Planning, Policy, & Strategy at the Pentagon and Climate Security Consultant

"Climate Warrior blends a lucid description of the causes and consequences of climate change with the challenges associated with potential solutions. The volume is delightfully sprinkled with the author’s personal story and fueled by his enormous passion for action. I highly recommend this book for anyone wishing to understand the climate change rubric who asks, 'What can I do?'"

CCL2017-Mark Reynolds.jpg

Mark Reynolds - Former Executive Director, Citizens Climate Lobby

"If you want to solve climate change read Climate Warrior. This book focuses on two essential solutions, carbon pricing and you, the climate advocate. Because the author delightfully weaves in his personal story it makes for an easy read. But don't kid yourself, he does not suggest the path is easy, however reading this book might make a long hard journey a little bit easier."

Sarah Ogletree.jpg

Sarah Ogletree - Director of the Creation Care Alliance of Western North Carolina

"In this compelling and honest call to action, Brad Rouse tells his story of taking on the climate crisis and encourages each of us to do our part by becoming "climate warriors" - utilizing our gifts and social networks to ensure a sustainable and compassionate future. This is a tale of science and numbers, as well as a story of faith, community, and loving one's neighbors well. More than anything, Brad makes clear the ways that we can all make a difference. And we can. May we do our part to address this crisis impacting people and the planet, and may we become climate warriors."

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